Frightening fun at EPE

On the 31st of October, our class, TRB1-Técnico de Restaurante/Bar, could finally see the outcome of what we had been so dedicately working on throughout the whole month in the English classes. In order to celebrate Halloween properly, the class, along with the English teacher, Sílvia Pires, prepared a series of fun, tricky and intriguing activities to perform with other classes: tasting odd flavours, solving riddles to win a trick or a treat, turning our partner into a mummy or guessing a huge pumpkin’s weight! The students prepared all of these fun games and more for the invited classes to enjoy and celebrate the date. At the same time, a Halloween thematic lunch was also prepared. In order for this Frightening Meal to go as planned, the TRB1 class had precious collaboration of the COZ1-CEF Cozinheiro class. During lunch, the waiter apprentices attempted to scare the honoured guests with a low light environment, creepy music, bloody candles, spider webs, creepy dolls and horrifically tasty dishes! Not to mention some strange creatures who are now, hopefully, back in their frightening little world. It was a terrific way to celebrate this date, and the TRB1 class can’t wait for the next Halloween! There are some scary ideas going on already, and there’s no way you’re going to miss out on it!