EPE celebrates “Buy Nothing Day”


On the 28th of November, the 3rd year classes – TR9, TTAR7 and TGP2 – prepared an activity in order to celebrate Buy Nothing Day. TGP2 students created a site, an online quiz, for other classes to fill in, and videos about global inequality, consumerism and its negative effects. TTAR7 created a magazine, some games and a quiz about the ecological footprint. TR9 organized an exhibition about consumerism, shopaholism, compulsive spending, world hunger, consumption of sugar and the destruction of our home-planet Earth. The activity aimed to raise awareness about the impacts of our purchases, appealing people to join the movement of Buy Nothing Day, which is buying less and consciously. Furthermore, the winner of the poster contest, in which all three classes participated, was announced: Ronaldo Veloso, a TGP2 class student. It was an afternoon well spent because the students shared their work and learned with each other. Keep this in mind “We are all responsible for saving our planet!”

1 sdr dav