EPE acolhe 2 estagiárias polacas! Deixamos o seu testemunho!

Good morning!
We come from the small town of Koscielec.
We are in the 3rd and 4th class of ecenomic technical college.

Hello, I am Nikola
I am 18 years old and i come from a small village in Poland.
I go to the 3rd grade of econimc technical school with a law and uniform department.
I like to be with people and I am contactable. I like na active lifestyle.

My name is Wiktoria.
I am 19 and I`m from Poland.
I`m in the last, 4th grade of economic technical school.

We have 6 fileds of study in Koscielec: economista technician, logistics technician, IT technician, graphic technician, farmer technician, nutrition and catering technician.
We have breaks every hour and one longer for a meal. Next to our school is a boarding house for students, where we live during the school week, we get meals ang accommodation and a good atmosphere.
At school, we collect cork and waste paper.
We organize various appeals performances on importante dates and anniversary days.
We also have a vocal choir ,,Ale Babki” where talented and wonderful girls sing.
In addition, we have the Koscielec Folk Dance Group, we dance various dances, for exemple Lublin, Krakowiak, Rzeszow, Oberek and each ane has a diferente colored outfit, one weighs up to 4 kilograms. We fly from the band abroad to promote our school us.

We came to Portugal to have practice, learn about new place and its culture and experience something new.

We would like to gain some experience related to field of study.

Our first impression of Portugal was fantastic. This is wonderful country and Porto is a beautiful city. It is very green here and clean. Both weather and people are warm. The school is neat and teachers and the staff are polite, kind.