“Enhancing teachers COmpetences on sustainable TOUrism”

project n° 2020-1-IT01-KA202-008511

Project Description

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of the global economy. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council it was worth 8 trillion Euros in 2018, out performing the global economy for the eighth consecutive year. The exponential growth of the tourism sector has generated issues like over tourism and gentrification, there is a general concern that tourism needs to be more environmentally sustainable through the reduction of energy consumption and fossil fuels. Demands for more sustainable tourism have also led to the development of alternative forms of it. That’s why the main focus of ECO.TOUR project is to foster the use of innovative teaching methodologies on sustainable tourism in VET schools.


The general objective is to foster the use of innovative teaching methodologies on sustainable tourism in VET schools. The specific objectives are : updating teachers’ competences in  teaching technical subjects in training courses pertaining the tourism sector; integrating in VET curricula training activities aimed at strengthening the education on environmental  sustainability; enhancing the internationalisation strategies for the development of competences on sustainable tourism in teachers and learners.


Coordination Meetings, approximately 1 every 7 months participated by the contact persons of the project partners in order to plan, design and organise in detail the Thematic Seminars; evaluate and monitor the quality of the work done and the dissemination strategy.

Thematic Seminars of 5 days (including travel) participated by approximately 30 teachers from different countries. The thematic seminars are at the core of the project and will allow the partnership to exchange about the 3 priority areas identified by partners. In particular each seminar will focus on:

1. 1st thematic seminar: “innovative teaching methodologies for technical subjects related to tourism”

2. 2nd thematic seminar: “tourism and environmental sustainability”

3. 3rd “thematic seminar: internalization of VET”

Objective and methodology : to foster the use of innovative teaching methodologies on

sustainable tourism in VET schools. Participants will acquire specific competences and have some examples of practical applications. Each seminar will include: presentations of good practices in sessions, working groups, study visits, and if possible, lectures of experts.

Transfer and testing of good practices: after the seminars the partners will select at least one good practice observed during the transnational events and will try to transfer and adapt it into their local context.


  • Forma Camera (IT)
  • The Institute Luigi Einaudi (IT)
  • High Vocational School of Tourism “ Dr. Vasil Beron”- Veilko Tarnovo (BG)
  • ROC Noorderpoort (NL)
  • AKMI (EL)
  • H. Cegielskiego (PL)


First Training event in Bologne, Italy